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AI Strategies for Salesforce ISVs

Target Audience: Salesforce ISVs. Key Takeaways: Navigating AI in Salesforce ecosystem, ethical AI integration, launching AI apps on AppExchange.

Photo of a dynamic conference room with Salesforce branding on digital screens and visual aids showcasing AI strategies, with the title 'AI Strategies for Salesforce ISVs' prominently displayed.

AI Strategies for Salesforce ISVs

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The Salesforce ecosystem is in turmoil due to generative AI. How is your company reacting to this opportunity? Address the risks and opportunities emerging in the Salesforce ecosystem with the advice unearthed in this strategic workshop.

In this intensive 1/2-day workshop, experts take you through key insights needed to build responsible AI and to successfully commercialize on AppExchange.

Gain exclusive insights on frameworks not available elsewhere to accelerate development of AI-powered offerings with governance built-in. Attendees leave with a 90-day plan to pilot AI apps delivering standout value bundled with followup advisory services.


What You'll Learn:

  • Identifying high-ROI AI opportunities
  • Prompt engineering best practices
  • Architecting governed Prompt Engineering Platform environments
  • Integrating AI ethically into workflows
  • Packaging apps for AppExchange
  • Pricing models and go-to-market strategies


  • Actionable AI app development roadmap
  • Toolkit of resources and templates
  • Ongoing advisory support options
  • Differentiation as an AI trailblazer

"The workshop provided the perfect blueprint to integrate OpenAI’s capabilities into our offerings." - CTO, ISV


  • AI Landscape Overview
  • Responsible AI Principles
  • Architecting PEP Governance
  • Prompt Engineering Lifecycle
  • Identifying Target Use Cases
  • Designing AI Apps for AppExchange
  • Pricing Models and Promotion
  • 90-Day PEP Rollout Planning

"I gained exclusive insights to accelerate our AI app development. The frameworks were tailored to my role leading AI strategy." - VP of Product, ISV


Contact Vernon Keenan at [email protected] for a free discovery conference call to determine how to be produce a workshop customized for your needs.