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From Chaos to Clarity: Navigating the Complex World of AI Risk Management

Managing risks in AI projects is often overlooked but critically important. This track provides a roadmap for navigating the various risks associated with AI, from data security to ethical considerations. Learn how to identify, assess, and mitigate risks to ensure a successful AI project.

Illustration in a 16:9 aspect ratio that portrays a tumultuous sea with waves made of binary codes, symbolizing the chaos of AI risks. Amidst the stormy waters, a ship navigates, its sails bearing symbols of AI and algorithms. The horizon shows a calm sea

From Chaos to Clarity: Navigating the Complex World of AI Risk Management

Track Overview

Managing risks is critical for AI success, but often overlooked. This track provides a comprehensive roadmap for identifying, assessing, and mitigating the many risks inherent to AI projects.

Sessions will cover risk management strategies for data, algorithms, adoption, compliance, ethics, and more. Attendees will gain frameworks tailored to the unique risks of machine learning systems across industries and applications.

The track features case studies on risk governance, safety engineering, and responsible AI. Practical takeaways will equip organizations to navigate uncertainty and build trust by proactively addressing AI risks.

Get Involved – Call for Participation

We welcome risk management leaders using AI to share insights by moderating, speaking, or contributing to sessions. Help shape understanding by showcasing risk practices across security, ethics, safety, and responsible AI.

Suggested Topics

  • Risk Identification Techniques
  • Algorithm Auditing
  • Data Privacy Risk Assessments
  • Risk Monitoring Dashboards
  • Communicating AI Risks

Share Your Expertise

Practitioners who have successfully implemented AI risk programs are needed to lead sessions. Share your experiences and strategies for governance, assessment, monitoring, and communication. Contact us if you have expertise to share!

Learn & Connect

Sessions emphasize actionable takeaways through case studies, interactive elements, and discussions. Attendees will gain know-how to evaluate risks, prove value, and scale AI securely.

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