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The Future is Now: Realizing the Potential of Executive Thinking Partners (ETPs)

Executive Thinking Partners (ETPs) are no longer just a concept; they are becoming a reality. This track focuses on the cutting-edge technology behind ETPs and how they can augment high-level strategic planning and decision-making processes. Learn what it takes to implement an ETP and the benefits they can bring to your organization.

Illustration in 16:9 aspect ratio of a futuristic office setting where a large language model is visualized as a sophisticated holographic AI figure, labeled 'Executive Thinking Partner (ETP)'. The AI figure is shown assisting a business executive, a woma

The Future is Now: Realizing the Potential of Executive Thinking Partners (ETPs)

Track Overview

Executive Thinking Partners (ETPs) are AI systems designed to augment strategic planning and decision-making. This track explores the technology empowering ETPs to provide personalized insights, analysis, and recommendations.

Sessions will cover real-world ETP implementations, capabilities, and benefits across the C-suite, competitive intelligence, research, and other high-impact areas. Attendees will gain practical guidance on piloting ETPs, managing change, and realizing ROI.

The track emphasizes responsible development, validating quality, and complementing (not replacing) human intelligence. Insights will demystify ETPs so organizations can adopt confidently and unlock the power of AI-driven strategic thinking.

Get Involved – Call for Participation

We welcome experienced ETP practitioners to share expertise through moderating, speaking, or contributing. Help shape understanding of how ETPs augment enterprises and sectors. We invite diverse voices from technologists to executives using ETPs.

Suggested Topics

  • ETP Architecture
  • Change Management
  • Bias and Ethics Considerations
  • ETP Security
  • Measuring ETP ROI

Share Your Expertise

Those driving ETP success are needed to lead sessions showcasing real-world implementations. Help attendees understand the art of the possible and create adoption roadmaps. Contact us if you have expertise to share!

Learn & Connect

Sessions emphasize actionable takeaways through case studies, interactive elements, and discussions. Attendees gain insider knowledge to evaluate ETPs, prove value, and scale thoughtfully.

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