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Secure Your Data, Secure Your Future: Mastering AI Data Safety and Security

Data security is paramount in any AI implementation. This track offers a comprehensive guide to best practices for securing your data in various AI applications. From encryption techniques to governance policies, gain the expertise needed to protect your most valuable asset—your data.

Abstract illustration in 16:9 aspect ratio showcasing swirling patterns of blues and purples representing data streams. Amidst these patterns, a holographic shield emblem emerges, symbolizing security.

Secure Your Data, Secure Your Future: Mastering AI Data Safety and Security

Track Overview

Data security is paramount when implementing any AI system. This track offers comprehensive guidance on AI data safety best practices related to encryption, governance, compliance, and more.

Sessions will cover securing data for cloud AI, edge devices, biometrics, autonomous systems, and other emerging applications. Attendees will gain expertise to protect their most valuable asset – data.

The track emphasizes actionable strategies across industries and use cases. Tactical takeaways will equip security leaders to evaluate controls, mitigate risks, and build trust throughout AI model development and deployment.

Get Involved – Call for Participation

We welcome security experts across industries using AI to share insights by moderating, speaking, or contributing to sessions. Help shape understanding of AI data safety through real-world case studies and technical deep dives.

Suggested Topics

  • Encryption for AI Data
  • Compliance Considerations
  • Edge AI Security
  • Anonymous Data Techniques
  • Governance Frameworks

Share Your Expertise

Security leaders who have successfully implemented AI data protection are needed to showcase strategies across applications. Help attendees understand possibilities and create roadmaps tailored to their needs. Contact us if you have expertise to share!

Learn & Connect

Sessions emphasize practical takeaways through stories, interactive elements, and discussions. Attendees will gain know-how to evaluate controls, prove security value, and scale implementations confidently.

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