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Scaling Smartly: Optimizing AI Infrastructure and Operations for Growth

Scaling AI operations is a complex but rewarding endeavor. This track dives into the technical aspects of scaling AI, from choosing the right hardware and software to optimizing algorithms for performance. Learn how to scale your AI operations efficiently without compromising quality.

Illustration of a digital landscape representing the journey of scaling AI. Starting from a mountain labeled 'Hardware Selection', a pathway leads through a forest of 'Software Frameworks', over a bridge of 'Data Management', and finally reaching the city

Scaling Smartly: Optimizing AI Infrastructure and Operations for Growth

Track Overview

Scaling AI is complex, but essential for long-term success. This track provides technical guidance on optimizing infrastructure, algorithms, and operations to efficiently scale AI.

Sessions will cover choosing hardware, software stacks, ML pipelines, and workflows to manage growing data volumes, model complexity, and user loads. Attendees will gain insider tips for scaling without compromising quality or control.

The track features scaling stories across industries like autonomous systems, personalization algorithms, cashierless stores, and more. Architects will gain practical takeaways to plan their growth roadmaps.

Get Involved – Call for Participation

We welcome AI architects and engineers to share scaling insights by moderating, speaking, or contributing. Help shape understanding by showcasing optimizations for data, infrastructure, pipelines, and governance.

Suggested Topics

  • Distributed Training Techniques
  • MLOps & DevOps Integration
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Cost Optimization
  • Monitoring & Observability

Share Your Expertise

Technical leaders who have scaled AI systems are needed to lead sessions sharing their experiences and stack choices. Help attendees understand tradeoffs and create scaling plans tailored to their needs.

Learn & Connect

Sessions emphasize actionable takeaways through scaling stories, interactive discussions, and activities. Architects will gain expertise to evaluate options, prove value, and scale AI smoothly.

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