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The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in New-Product Development Academic Paper Alert!

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Category: “Enterprise AI”

Article Section: Practical AI Applications; Enterprise AI for Sales Forecasting

Publication Date: 2023-10-17T20:08:01+00:00

SEO Description: “Exploring AI’s transformative impact on new-product development processes, from idea generation to post-launch refinement.”

“The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in New-Product Development.” IDP Innovation, 17 Oct. 2023,

AI-Generated Paper Summary


The article focuses on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing new-product development (NPD) processes. AI is poised to enhance all stages of business operations, most significantly, the entire NPD process, reducing development times by approximately 50% for early-adopter firms and boosting innovation. Innovative applications of AI in NPD are demonstrated by leading companies like Unilever, Nestle, and Moderna, where it is used for creating new product ideas, testing, even through post-launch to enhance customer satisfaction. Moreover, the effectiveness of AI in businesses isn’t just about implementing it in parts, but incorporating it in a holistic, enterprise-wide strategy. The article also gives an overview of the historical and future use of AI, emphasizing its potential in reducing prediction costs and improving decision-making under uncertainty, both fundamental for NPD. Full Text Analysis

Here is an analysis of the key points and potential commercial applications from this academic paper on artificial intelligence in new product development:

Novelty & Key Points:

  • The paper provides a comprehensive overview of how AI can revolutionize and transform new product development across the entire process from ideation to launch. This is a relatively new topic with limited academic research.
  • It categorizes AI applications in NPD into two main roles – as an Originator to generate new ideas and concepts, and as a Facilitator to optimize existing NPD processes. This provides a useful framework.
  • Numerous real business examples are provided throughout to demonstrate the current adoption and value of AI in NPD, such as at Unilever, Nestle, GM, GE, Moderna etc. This grounds the concepts in practical applications.
  • New capabilities of AI are highlighted such as generative AI to create product designs, concepts and marketing content, and the use of digital twins and rapid simulations to accelerate testing.
  • It emphasizes the need for a holistic AI strategy across the enterprise, driven from the top leadership. Piecemeal adoption may be limited.

Commercial Applications:

  • Companies can utilize AI more extensively in NPD to generate new product ideas, create and evaluate concepts faster, optimize engineering designs, accelerate prototyping and testing, and enhance launch.
  • AI tools for market analysis, predictive modeling, risk assessment, and portfolio optimization can improve NPD decision making.
  • Generative AI can be leveraged to create product designs, marketing content and technical documentation to boost NPD productivity.
  • Digital twins and simulations can reduce physical prototyping and testing time and cost.
  • AI can maximize the value of customer feedback during product testing and after launch.
  • Companies should develop an enterprise-wide AI strategy for NPD and innovation, provide appropriate training, and address cultural readiness.

In summary, the paper highlights the transformative potential of AI across the entire NPD process, with many commercial applications and examples that companies could learn from to enhance their own NPD efforts and results. The framework provided categorizing AI as an Originator versus Facilitator is also useful for strategic planning.


Artificial Intelligence, New-Product Development, Information Process, Front End Applications, Concept Stage

Author’s Abstract

Par Robert G. Cooper L’intelligence artificielle (IA) est sur le point de révolutionner tous les aspects des affaires, notamment le processus de développement de nouveaux produits (NPD). Robert G. Cooper, créateur du modèle Stage-Gate et auteur de nombreux ouvrages et articles, nous donne ici un aperçu des applications de l’IA à toutes les phases de ce processus, illustrées par de nombreux exemples en entreprise. Selon Cooper, l’IA a déjà entraîné des changements spectaculaires dans des entreprises pionnières, améliorant la vitesse, l’efficacité et la qualité de leur processus de développement de produits. AI is posed to transform new-product development, and is already cutting development times by 50% for leading early-adopter firms. The 9 milestones of new-product development displayed at the 2023 PDMA Annual Conference. Artificial Intelligence will become the 10th milestone by the end of this decade and will alter the landscape of product innovation (AI poster #10 added to photo). Overview: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize all aspects of business, particularly new- product development (NPD). Currently, our approach to NPD has remained largely unchanged for decades, yielding stubbornly poor results: only 30% of new-product projects succeed commercially. However, the Artificial Intelligence revolution is set to alter this landscape…

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